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She catches a glimpse of the killer, therefore becoming both the prime suspect and the killer's next target. Elliott receives a bizarre message on his answering machine from "Bobbi", a transgender patient.Bobbi taunts the psychiatrist for breaking off their therapy sessions, apparently because Elliott refuses to sign the necessary papers for Bobbi to get a sex change operation. Levy, the patient's new doctor, that Bobbi is a danger to herself and others.Roger Ebert awarded the film three stars out of four, stating "the museum sequence is brilliant" and adding: "Dressed to Kill is an exercise in style, not narrative; it would rather look and feel like a thriller than make sense, but De Palma has so much fun with the conventions of the thriller that we forgive him and go along." In his movie guide, Leonard Maltin gave the film 3 1/2 stars out of four, calling it a "High-tension melodrama", and stating "De Palma works on viewers' emotions, not logic, and maintains a fever pitch from start to finish." He also praised Pino Donaggio's "chilling music score." "The performers are excellent, especially Miss Dickinson," wrote Vincent Canby in his July 25, 1980 The New York Times review.

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The elevator doors open on the figure of a tall, blond woman in dark sunglasses wielding a straight razor.Hitchcockian homages run rampant through most of De Palma's earlier films, and this one's chock-full of visual quotes, mostly cribbed from Vertigo and Psycho.But De Palma's indulgent depravity transcends simple mimicry to assume a vitality all its own.The unrated version is around 30 seconds longer and shows more pubic hair in the shower scene, more blood in the elevator scene (including a close-up shot of the killer slitting Kate's throat), and some sexier dialogue from Liz during the scene in Elliott's office.These scenes were trimmed when the MPAA originally gave the film an "X" rating.

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