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Al-Muttaqi is a well-known hadith collector and recorder lived in the Eleventh Century H.NISAYBURI (Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al-Nisayburi) Ghara-ibul Quran (Commentaries on the Holy Qur'an) printed on the margin of Jami-ul-Bayan by Al-Tabari (another commentaries by Al-Tabari) by Al-Matba-ab Al- Meimaneyah Egypt 1321 H.MAJAH (Muhammad Ibn Majah) Sunnan Ibn Majah (hadith collections by Ibn Majah) One of the Six Authentic Books of hadith published by Dar Ihya Al-Kutub Al-Arabeyah (The House of the Resurrection of the Arabic Books) of Isa Al-Babi Cairo 1952 A. Ibn Majah is a well known hadith selector and recorder died 275 H.MAQSUD (Abdul Fattah Abdul-Maqsud) Al-Imam ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A book of history of the Imam ‘Ali) published by Al-Irfan Printing Beirut.Printed by Dar Al-Kutub Al-Arabiyah Al-Kubrah (The Big House of the Arabic Books) of Mustafa Al-Babi Cairo. HAKIM (Sayed Muhammad Taqi Al-Hakim) Al-Madkhal Ila Derasat Al-Fiqh Al-Muqaran (Entry for study of the Comparative Jurisprudence) published by Dar Al-Andulus Beirut 1963 A. The had iths contained in this book are considered by Muslim scholars to be authentic unless they are rejected by Al-Thahabi whose comments are printed on the margin of Al-Mustadrak published by Al-Nasr Printing Riyadh Saudi Arabia 1335 H.Ibn Abu Al-Hadid is a well known theologian and historian died 655 H. Muhammad Hussein Haikal) Hayat Muhammad (The Life of Muhammad) third printing by Dar Al-Kutub Al-Misriah (The Egyptian House of Books) Cairo 1358 H. Al-Hakim is a well-known scholar hadith selector and recorder died in 405 H.Furthermore the lunar year on which the Islamic Calendar is based is only 354 days. Each one hundred solar years would be 103 lunar years. *** The Holy Qur'an AMINI (Sheikh Hussein Ahmad Al-Amini) Al-Ghadir (The reported Declaration of the Prophet concerning the Imam ‘Ali at Ghadir Khum) second printing by ‘Ali-Haidari Printing Tehran 1372 Hijri. ASKARI (Sayed Murtadha Al-Askari) Abdullah lbn Saba second printing by Matabi-a Al-Kitab Al-Arabi in Cairo 1381 H.

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A known book of Islamic history published by Al-Fajjala Printing Cairo 1970 A. Ibn Abdul-Birr is a known historian died in the year 463 H.

Clarification: The dates which are mentioned in this bibliography are based on the Islamic Calendar which started by the departure of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

That departure is called "Hijrah" of the Prophet which took place in the year 622 A. If the reader wants to convert the dating from Islamic to the Western Calendar he should take into account the difference of the 622 years before the Hijrah.

HALABI (‘Ali Ibn Burhanul-Deen Al-Halabi) Al-Seerah Al-Halabeyah (Biography of the Prophet by Al- Halabi) published by Al-Maktaba Al-Kubra of Mustafa Muhammad Cairo. HUNBUL (Ahmad Ibn Hunbul) Musnad Ahmad published by Ssader Printing Beirut 1969 A. Ibn Hunbul is one of the Imams of the Islamic Schools died in 241 H.

HISHAM (Abdul-Malik Ibn Hisham) Al-Seerah Al-Nabaweyah (Biography of the Prophet) published by Mustafa Al-Babi Al-Halabi Egypt 1955 A. Ibn Hisham is a well-known Islamic historian died in 218 H. Taha Hussein) Al-Fitnat Al-Kubra (The Big Faith-Testing Crisis) published by Dar Al-Maarif Egypt 1953 A. Taha Hussein is a contemporary scholar and historian.

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