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We’re still using the Drawing with Children program, and later in the year I’m probably going to buy a few of the intermediate online lessons from the DWC creator Mona Brooks.I also decided to host a handicraft fair before Christmas for my kids and some other local homeschoolers so they could work on a craft skill and then showcase and swap their wares. My goal is to also do Macbeth and then a comedy to round out the year.Free Wi Fi, cable TV, and coffee/tea makers are featured in all 66 rooms.Refrigerators and microwaves make in-room dining convenient.Plus I selected a few historical fiction books for them to read that tie into the current time period.

(You can view it here if you read rubric and though I was talking about a cube.) Religion – He’s reading the Act of the Apostles and answering the questions found in ‘Designing Your Own Classical Curricluum’.I selected general geographic knowledge I felt was lacking and each week we do a lesson while reviewing the information daily. We’re not using any specific text for geography, but we are using a historic atlas to help with mapwork related to history. We’ve also started our days with morning time, although there was much consternation over what to call morning time because ‘morning time’ sounds lame.Right now we’re learning to draw the world freehand as we study latitude and longitude, and then we’ll work on drawing the U. I came up with morning meeting but because that was my idea, everyone hated it.Other suggestions included homeroom, morning round-up and morning pow-wow all of which were soundly rejected.So now I usually start the day by calling everyone to morning round-up in my best Western voice and everyone collectively groans and that makes me happy.

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