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Three of the Terrorcons guarded the mine, and they were more than happy to try to take down Windblade and her friends.

Though she fought back valiantly, at a moment of weakness Starscream and Rattrap interrupted the battle to arrest Windblade and the others (minus Chromia and Sky-Byte) for "crimes against Cybertron." While the others were jailed, Windblade was interrogated violently by Rattrap.

Windblade was a Transformer who hailed from the planet Caminus, born from the hot spot within the Titan Caminus who colonized the world and for whom it became named.

As on the other Titan colonies and unlike on Cybertron, the citizens of Caminus maintained gender dimorphism, with Windblade being female.

but after that was done, he prepared to leave to follow Trion's trail.

She saw other Transformer colony worlds that had also broken off from Cybertron. And, sadly, she saw Chromia in all her rage, and realized that her friend, her bodyguard, was the one who had placed the bombs in that street corner, that Chromia was willing to murder others to scare Windblade off the planet and to safety.Later the two of them met up with Ironhide, who they had sent to guard Metroplex's brain.Windblade searched Metroplex's brain for reasons why Starscream would cause the blackouts, when Chromia noticed that Waspinator had let slipped in an interview that he knew something.Not long after this revelation, an explosion seriously damaged her and put her under medical care.Moments before the explosion, she had seen Rattrap, Starscream's henchman, leaving the scene, and as she awoke from her medical bed, seeing Starscream approach her, she suspected Cybertron's leader had tried to kill her.

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