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The Norman conquest of England began in 1066 AD with the invasion of the Kingdom of England by the troops of conqueror Guillaume Le Conqurant aka "William the Conqueror" (Duke of Normandy) and his success at the Battle of Hastings resulted in Norman control of England.For distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.It's a cute idea but I don't think it's wise to be providing such detail, especially your mother's maiden name, as it is often the secret question asked on sites where you require a password to log in.So I'm revising the meme to suit me and I hope others will follow suit, either here as a comment on Olive Tree Genealogy blog, or on their own blog.D., Porcell was granted lands in Surrey England by William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy), their liege Lord.In the 1170 Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland, Sir Hugh Purcell came to Ireland with Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare (created Lord of Leinster by the King of England) and was soon after "slaine by the Waterfordians," leaving two sons, (a) Sir Walter, ancestor of the Loughmoe family, and (b) Sir Hugh, Jr.There's a new meme going around Facebook right now.

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Historically the Burkes, Fitz Geralds and Butlers are the three Norman families outstanding in the moulding of the history of Ireland following the invasion of 1169.

"The Fifty Original Proprietors of Hempstead" by George D. (2) On June 13, 1674, Ytie was named as a sponsor at the baptism of Catharine, daughter of son Hans.

Jan Parcell died in 1677, his will proved on September 28 of that year.

The Blackcastle as it is known, was built in the Town Park in 1450 by the Butlers. A petition submitted to the Council on December 12, 1658 by John Parcell and Ytie Jans, two sorrowful sinners, ask for pardon and leave to marry.

This building and its manor lands were occupied by them and leased to the families of Purcell of Loughmore and Morris of Knocka On the ship Constance which departed London for Virginia arriving in October 24, 1635 there is one Thomas Pursell Thomas Purcell's (1666) parents are unknown but his grandfather was thought to be Thomas Purcell who came to America on the sailing vessel, Constance, in 1635, age 16, from London. The Council allowed them to remain three months to settle their affairs, but must separate from each other at once.

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