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What I advocate is targeted responses to specific atrocities before they spread.

Nor do I suggest we apply this strict policy to everyone, just to purveyors of genocidal crimes, who prefer Sharia law in most cases, and would be getting what they desire.

This may not be the Christian thing to do, but retaliation is not sacrilegious, it dates back to "an eye for an eye." Kill innocent people, you must die.

That is justice, a human principle traced back at least as far as Babylonian law, and enshrined in Hammurabi's code.

A group want to kidnap children, kill them or sell them into slavery, that's not just against American values. It even violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights [they have one! The US maintain a huge standing army, some of whom can drop in to kill every one of the perpetrators. If the US violates a border to kill evildoers and that bothers someone, so what?

It had, however, novel features, amongst them, a distinctive serological profile.

Nor need we retrain terrorists, or get them jobs, or provide them with concubine-filled mansions. And we need to do so when they first spring up, not study them for years to contemplate our reaction.

That is how Hitler become an existential threat to the world.

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a global disease with an expanding incidence and prevalence base.

Of massive public health importance, hepatitis C presents supremely challenging problems in view of its adaptability and its pathogenic capacity.

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